One of the early manumissions was that of Amosyn Claasz. She worked as a Company slave and spent 38 years in the Slave Lodge before buying her freedom in 1704. She had 4 children and was matron to slave children at the lodge. In 1711 she bought a plot of land with the money she had saved. The plot was in the area where the Marks building stands in the Parliament precinct in Plein Street of today.

“…I am the parchment of a history that is never spoken

sitting behind museum curtains

entrusted to tour guides whose tongues speak benign slavery

in the ledger of time nothing adds up

for what happened on church square, greenmarket square

prestwich place, the lodge, gallows hill and on tortured pages of history

is never written in their tongue

horror, their voices catch in a spirit gag

& the sperm of centuries ago walks on streets denial in European cities that I need a passport for…”

GPS coordinates: 33.9251° S, 18.4205° E