(Between old Granary building and the new Universal Church on Buitenkant Street)

The site on which the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God now stands, is an important heritage site. Slaves were brought here for torture and execution, following their trial at the Castle. This former place of suffering and death, situated south of the Cape of Good Hope Castle, on De Buitenkant outside the Dutch East India Company’s settlement in the 17th and 18th centuries, is now a spiritual centre. This area was open land on the Table Bay shoreline and according to historic maps appears to be the site of gallows in the 1760s. A report prepared in 2002 by the University of Cape Town’s Department of Archaeology Contracts Office, reports: “The area appears to have been used as an execution ground (Justitie plaats) for much of the 18th century”.

“tussen geboue oud en nuut

weerklink dit

die skeer tussen vel en menswees

stil soos die dood roer die lug spoke in haar palm.”

GPS coordinates: -33.92678000° S; 18.42490900. 021 465 8713° E