Krotoa (Eva) is one of many remarkable indigenous women. She, in six or seven years, bridged the divide between Europe and Africa. Some people said she became a symbol of what the “new” country could become. It becomes ironic when the expansionists forced indigenous people into labour through land appropriation. Krotoa came from a complex extended family of Khoekhoe intelligentsia. She was eleven when she was taken to work at the Castle. Later she used her multilingual skills to negotiate on behalf of her people and to help avert bloodshed. She transcended many impossibilities of her time.

“Krotoa my ma’s se kin’

jou bene roep soe knaend innie Suid-Oos wind

kommandant se vleis-prys geklys in kasteel kombuis

uit die vlakte-spier van jagte’ ve’samelaa’s

jou stam ve’mom in europee’s se klere

one’r lae is djy ve’wyde’ en ve’nede’

tussen duiwels dans jou hart nog see’der…”

GPS coordinates: 33.9260° S, 18.4281° E