The Black and Liesbeek Rivers flowed into the Salt River and together with the Diep River from the north, they created an extensive marshland around Paarden Island. The Cape lion was hunted here, and early travellers also describe hippos, elephants, Cape buffalos, antelopes and zebras grazing along its banks. The indigenous Khoesan were dependent on rivers for their survival. With the arrival of the Dutch and land appropriation for free burgher farms, the Liesbeek River became the site of a battle in 1659 between the Khoekhoen and settlers.

“Victory is a word stolen out of the mouths of the colonised

their bodies warped and frozen at the tip of your pen

time has not been kind to us, I could say

but time is a construct & and too convenient a dismissal of history’s

horrendous legacy.

legacy: 2017

the dead still crowd us

their bones dishonoured by the same perpetrators

the living children cutting teeth on slow suicide…”

GPS coordinates: -33°56’6.59″ S 18°28’20.99″ E